If entertainment racing games leave you wanting more, then it is that time that you might be in need of some fast-paced sports on your computer that give you the real test. Whether you are just getting started with bikes, trucks and cars entertainment sports or you are already an insider, the menu is ever rich in all that you need to fix that entertainment crave. So what news is coming from vehicle racing entertainment niche that you can count on?

Now, there are plenty of racing games. “Ambulance Rush”, “Acceleracers”, “Without Brakes” and 2 Fast2furious are some of the car chasing entertainment that you can be interested in playing this season. In Ambulance Rush, the player is in charge of an ambulance vehicle that needs to reach the hospital urgently. But the challenge is that the road of death that the car is running is just full of resistance. There are military forces to overcome, quarantined cities to avoid and zombies to dodge if all is to go well.


Without Brakes is another taxing car race game in which you struggle to control a vehicle without brakes but cruising at top speed. See racinggames9.com to play the best. You have everything to lose if the car hits an object or even somebody on the road in your race game sessions. But your car is just too stubborn, so will you smile at the end of the struggle? Well, the secret lies in taking the challenge.

The 2 Fast 2furious is no lesser car chasing computer sport. You have to control a vehicle that is running at high speed in a meandering and sometimes sharp-bent road. You need to do all that is possible to keep the vehicle on the road and limit the impact of scramble if your car is involved in any.

These fast-paced sports are better placed for play by adult entertainment enthusiasts. However kids have their best bet in race games like City Drifter, Audi Pimp and Customize Your Ride.


Another beginner car chasing sport is Farm Express 3 that puts the player in the shoes of a farmer that seeks to rush his produce to the markets as fast as possible. You have to be meticulous so that your farm produce gets to the market in time and intact.