Trigger Down


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A new Action Game released with excited features. It is a First Person Shooter game. You are an elite shooter here and in a mission for Anti-Terror Fight. Explore different cities and enemy territories to eliminate the terror from the world. Pull the Trigger down and shoot your enemies to death. Take to the front line against enemy soldiers in this war zone.

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Automobile Race Games To Enjoy This Season



If entertainment racing games leave you wanting more, then it is that time that you might be in need of some fast-paced sports on your computer that give you the real test. Whether you are just getting started with bikes, trucks and cars entertainment sports or you are already an insider, the menu is ever rich in all that you need to fix that entertainment crave. So what news is coming from vehicle racing entertainment niche that you can count on?

Now, there are plenty of racing games. “Ambulance Rush”, “Acceleracers”, “Without Brakes” and 2 Fast2furious are some of the car chasing entertainment that you can be interested in playing this season. In Ambulance Rush, the player is in charge of an ambulance vehicle that needs to reach the hospital urgently. But the challenge is that the road of death that the car is running is just full of resistance. There are military forces to overcome, quarantined cities to avoid and zombies to dodge if all is to go well.


Without Brakes is another taxing car race game in which you struggle to control a vehicle without brakes but cruising at top speed. See to play the best. You have everything to lose if the car hits an object or even somebody on the road in your race game sessions. But your car is just too stubborn, so will you smile at the end of the struggle? Well, the secret lies in taking the challenge.

The 2 Fast 2furious is no lesser car chasing computer sport. You have to control a vehicle that is running at high speed in a meandering and sometimes sharp-bent road. You need to do all that is possible to keep the vehicle on the road and limit the impact of scramble if your car is involved in any.

These fast-paced sports are better placed for play by adult entertainment enthusiasts. However kids have their best bet in race games like City Drifter, Audi Pimp and Customize Your Ride.


Another beginner car chasing sport is Farm Express 3 that puts the player in the shoes of a farmer that seeks to rush his produce to the markets as fast as possible. You have to be meticulous so that your farm produce gets to the market in time and intact.


Fun Games Always Keep Thrill On Flow


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Every serious gamer always want something that will challenge them. It is no doubt that some games spark monotony, killing the zeal of a player to further search for something online. If you feel you would rather disconnect your internet and shut down your computer and go for a jog instead, stay right there because there are bigger and better fun games, which will not only thrill and fascinate you but also challenge and tease your brains.

To become a better funny games  player, you must be up for the challenge. It is not all going to be easy. Tough games are actually of best preference because they keep you occupied. You are able to focus on your mission; to finish well within the least time possible without hurting your gaming life level. Whether you are on an iPhone devise or a computer system, be sure of some incredible challenges as you play.


Mario game developers have given online gaming a new meaning. In fact, it is among the best cool games by you would not want a day to pass without playing. There is more to these cool games. The Mario menu is rich with a variety, which unleashes fun and thrill. Among the Mario games include but not limited to Mario Gold, Mario Pinball, Mario Brothers, Mario Tennis, Mario Bros Motorbike, Mario World , Super Mario  and Mario Arcades. The existence of genres and sub-genres of Mario games means a lot of entertainment for both new and professional gamers.


QWOP has  grown to become the most challenging athletic game in the online gaming industry. Players have to brace themselves for some hard yet possible to accomplish missions. Your target is to make your trained athlete to complete a 100 Meter sprint race. There is a trophy at the finish line and the only way to get it is  get your runner there. You have to put your mind  to play. You will definitely fail several times, mostly when a starter, but it should be easy to run along and get the trophy then move on with the game. And of course, you will always have an opportunity to try again when you fail.

If you are a fan of Ben 10 games, you will definitely find Ben 10 Mass Attack an interesting game. In this series of the category, Ben 10 becomes a victim of unknown circumstances. In fact, an army whose origin he has no idea about attacks him. He only way to survive the storm is to fight the aliens off his surroundings. Your mission is to help Ben 10 to purchase more weapons, fight the enemy and to keep him strong along the way. You will have three chances to survive in each level.


There are so many games online at If you want to become a permanent member of a fun community, which will keep you entertained and thrilled on a daily basis, then Funny Games 9 is your home of entertainment, the best online gaming community. 

Exciting Reasons Why Indulging in Motorbike Games is crucial


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The motorbike games are becoming a common thing especially to the youth as well as teenagers. There are quite a number of websites that offer this amazing experience online and as such the thrilling fun is easily accessed by people despite of their location. This mobility invention has set a remarkable milestone, only known to racing lovers.

Indulging in motorbike games is the best way to chill out for an evening or afternoon. In order to access the sporty activities, internet connectivity is a requirement. The good side about it is that racing experience can be undertaken with any internet connectivity; whether fast of slow.

The good sound system, attractive display and real life graphics make the user glued to their computer all time long, due to fear of getting hurt while in their bike games sessions. As you will see from, it makes the whole free motorbike games gaming scenario a realistic one, taking endless tours on inaccessible regions like mountains. The smooth flow of the amazing touring process is what everyone goes for in online automobile races.


The fact that there are real and cartoon sports to choose from when it comes to virtual racing effect, and different levels means that individuals have a wide range of options to play. Kids play simple ones while advancing to difficult ones, while adults specialize on the complex ones. As such, people can easily relax by indulging in games they are best comfortable with.

Participating riders get to acquire observation and analytically skills upon indulging in the commonly played sport. Since players ought to observe strict rules set while looking around for ways to maneuver their way in the complex environment, this means their alertness skill is sharpened. These qualities are not only necessary crucial when it comes to playing sports but also applying them in real life, especially dealing with people.

For the riding addicts, the fantastic moment is availed and easily accessed by online motorbike games. Purchasing a riding machine is quite an expensive procedure and thus virtual option simplifies whole process, as one only needs access to internet. Other than that, addicts do not have to spend even a dollar to tour the world together with friends.

QWOP Is An Olympic Video Game That You Need To Try Out


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If routinely playing action games seem monotonous, there is something that can ignite fascination in you as you sit on your computer to play the online games. That thing is QWOP, an Olympic video game that has no match on the internet. Perhaps the only warning that should come first for any player is that you have to brace yourself for some tough yet possible assignment on the track.

 The QWOP presents you with the challenge of propelling an ill-trained athlete to victory in 100-meter sprint in Olympic competition. The goal of QWOP is simple, get the runner to the finish line and take the trophy. But is it that simple? Well, it is you to answer that question. What is no secret though is that this is a mind taxing game as it is thrilling.

ImageTo play such online games free, you simply make use of QWOP keys on the computer keyboard. However, the keys are divided into two sets; the Q and W keys are used to move the thighs, while the O and P keys are for coordinating the claves. Visit to see this online free game.The player has to press these keys in a pattern that ensure that the runner does not lose the balance, but instead maintains the forward march. It is really fun.

 You launch the game by clicking on the interface window. After that you wait for a second and then start racing your athlete by pressing Q and W simultaneously and holding them down for sometime. As you release Q-W, you press O-P in the same manner and again release them when the athlete is getting back the front foot to the ground.

 All your moves simply involve interchanging between Q-W and O-P keys to move the athlete. You should ensure that the succeeding key combination comes in time to avoid toppling the runner on the track. Keep switching between these keys until you get your athlete to the finish line position ahead of the competitors.

 With all fairness, QWOP is an advanced web based athletics game that is sure to offer the require thrill for gaming enthusiast. All the secrets that work is just well coordinated moves of the calves and thighs of the runner. You may need a few trials to master the best manoeuvres and after than, the pro in you can be discovered.

 This being a web based game you do not require any third party software installation to run the game. Your computer and internet connection is enough. You can also enjoy playing this game on your iPhone device anywhere you please.

 Although this game is designed as a multiplayer game, there is two-player version that you can enjoy if you please. Given the challenge that this game presents to players, you doubtlessly become a better player by every QWOP game you play.

 Now, this is a fascinating online game that leaves you desire more. As long as you have mastered pressing and releasing of the keys in this game, you do not need anything else to take the Olympic trophy home. So this is game to try out when need that serous entertaining challenge.